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Qloom and Crankjoy

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Show some LOVE to Project Bike Love!

Have you ever met one of those people?  You know, a person that you just can't seem to stop thinking "how is it possible that you are THAT?"  THAT  -  interesting, strong, caring, hardworking, beautiful, amazing.....the list goes on and

Getting to Know Chasing Epic Founder – Steve Mokan

What was Steve Mokan thinking when he founded Chasing Epic in order to provide the best all-inclusive trips to the Southwest's most iconic mountain bike destinations?   We've got all the answers! Chasing Epic's Founder, Steve Mokan in the mountains

The First Ever Ibis Migration – Moab’s La Sal Mountains

Nature has it figured out! Every year when it starts to get too cold, birds migrate to warmer climates.  In the fall, when the colors start to change, mountain bikers from all over the world descend upon Moab, Utah.  They

Chasing Epic: Southern Utah Rides & Photo Essay

Looking to escape to milder sunny riding this fall and winter?  Southern Utah is a fantastic choice.  The following is the first of hopefully many posts from our friend Steve Mokan of Chasing Epic Mountain Bike Adventures . The St. George area

Reliable Gear Reviews and Product News

Wider Not Always Better: Rim and Tire Choices

Wider is better... Not always.  In the past couple years, we have seen the arrival of wider rims for our trail bikes. With the rise of Enduro, the Carbon Technology excitement and the growth of fat bikes, it was a

2017 XC Bikes that Don’t Suck

Longer travel enduro bikes have received most of the spotlight in recent years.  Despite the rise in popularity of enduro, XC bikes are still out there and not only capable, but exploding with some exciting new options for 2017.  Thankfully

Interbike2016: Outdoor Demo

We were surprised to see a major change in this year's attendees at this years Outdoor Demo at Bootleg Canyon, NV.  The absence of many companies including all the major companies was surprising.  There was however a noticeable increase in e-bike

First Ride Review: YT Jeffsy – Bargain Bad Ass

Who is YT Industries anyway? YT Industries is a German bike company with dirt jumping roots. Now available in the USA, YT's line has  expanded into DH, enduro and most recently 29er with the Jeffsy.  From the beginning, the emphasis has been placed on

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