Staying Motivated to Ride

Ignite the Mountain Bike Passion

Sometimes its difficult to stay passionate and motivated to mountain bike throughout the year.  How do you stay motivated and ignite the mountain bike passion to ride throughout the year?   Personally, I really love riding different shit.  Whether it be new places, trails, different bikes and with different folks and with new challenges.  I recently rediscovered the singlespeed and am having a blast trying to minimize the limits of the bike.  Cleaning climbs or downhills and generally trying my darnedest to ride the bike everywhere no matter how steep, rough or fast has kept me stimulated.

There is a difference in just getting out and slogging along and really being stoked about being out there.  Here is a list of a few things that I’ve found to help me over the years.

Ignite the Mountain Bike Passion

  1. Ride new places.  Plan a trip to check out trails you have never before ridden.   Here are some tips to take action and set the plan rolling – Planning the Best MTB Weekends
  2. Try a new routine with riding buddies.  Get up early and catch some sunrises or stay out late for sunsets.
  3. Sign up for a new mountain bike event.  Festivals, poker rides, endurance races, enduros etc.
  4. Introduce someone new to mountain biking.  Have a friend you really like spending time with that is not a mountain biker? Take them!
  5. Get a new bike.  Try a new type of bike.  Singlespeed, different wheel size, different brand.
  6. Give your bike some TLC.  Does it need a tune-up?  How about a new fork/shock service, chain, grips or tires?
  7. Ride with groups.  Group rides are a great way to meet new people and push yourself to become a better rider.
  8. Take a break and volunteer some time with the local trail crew.
  9. Ride trails in different directions.  It’s funny how different and challenging/fun some trails become by simply riding in a different direction.
  10. Work on the skillz!  Plan to clean that one section of trail you never have.  Break it down, ask friends or a professional instructor for help.

If all else fails, just go chase some waterfalls.

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