2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Cool Gear for Mountain Bikers Under $75

Are you scratching your head looking for cool gear for mountain bikers under $75 that you still need to buy for? Fear not, here is a list of items (and links) to check those riders-who-have-everything off your list. All of these items are under $75 and some even less than that, shooting these options right to the top of your list. There are plenty of deals to be found right now and most are delivered with free shipping.

See something you like in this post? Why not share it with your friends and family? HINT! HINT! Help them make some good decisions because we all know we are a hard group to buy for!

As always, a gift card to your local bike shop or a donation/membership to a local trail organization is a safe bet and they all go to supporting your local community!

The Cool under $75 ideas:

Protection from G-FORM:

G-Form Pro X-2 Elbow Pads
Pro X-2 Knee and Elbow Pads ($50-$60)

These pads from G- Form stay in place and offer up protection for everyday trail riding. Pads are like insurance, you probably won’t need them if you wear them, but if you don’t have them on – you will definitely need them. Don’t get caught with your bare elbows or knees out there on the trail. These knee pads have saved me from many scrapes and bruises and make me feel like a better rider when I’m wearing them.

Hydrapak Stow 500ml ($14)

These small water flasks are great for the fanny pack, they don’t leak and roll up tight when they are empty. I use mine primarily on rides lasting a couple of hours or more when I need a second bottle, but don’t have a place for it! They are pretty durable as well, although I haven’t landed on one yet! Knock on wood!

Orange Mud Transition and Seat Wrap 2.0 ($40)

This second-generation do it all towel, wrap and protector all in one is great to leave in your riding bag or car. If you need to get out of a wet chamois after a ride in a parking lot full of folks – this is your ticket. The towel is super absorbent and the belt adjuster hooks easily around the waist and stays put. Zip up one end and you have a hoodie that hooks over your seat so it doesn’t slip around when you sit on it. This is one of those items that you say, “now why didn’t I think of that!”

Pearl Izumi Summit Shell Jacket ($75 on sale!)

Hands down one of my most used piece of cycling clothing this year! This small, lightweight stowable jacket weighs right around 90 grams and folds straight up origami-style into its own pocket about the size of a peanut butter sandwich. What is not to love about that? I just leave it in my pack for those cool mornings or when the weather turns sour!

Showers Pass Crosspoint Brights Waterproof Socks ($37)

I never thought these socks would work, but they are amazing. I figured if they keep water out then your feet are gonna get sweaty and be wet anyhow. These socks are great for the water crossings in and around Pisgah. They are super soft on the inside and stretchy, plus you could literally stand in mid-shin water and still have completely dry feet.

Tifosi Eyewear:

Davos ($50)

The Davos with full-frame, flexible nose pieces and as pictured Enliven lens is vented to reduce fogging. This lens color is great for the stippled light and dark Rhododendron tunnels here in Pisgah.

Shwae Polarized ($60)

The Shwae is an aviator style polarized glass I primarily use for driving and while on the stand-up paddleboard. It’s great for the occasional pinch-hit when you forget your riding glasses. The nose is rubbery and does not snag your hair like typical aviators do = bonus! Plus they look cool.

Slice Interchangeable ($70)

The Tifosi Slice with 3 interchangeable lenses is an amazing deal. Three glasses in one. The lens pictured above is best for full light and sunny bright days. It also comes with a clear lens for night riding and a rose-colored lens for lower light or variable conditions. For the price, you literally can not beat these.

Topeak Tools:

Mini 18 Multitool ($33)

This mini tool has some serious bang for the buck. Measuring about 1.5 by 3 inches it’s got all the Allen’s as well as T25, plus screwdrivers, tire lever, a chain tool, and a bottle opener. It stores easily and quietly in your pack with a neoprene case.

Hexus X ($18 on sale!)

The Topeak Hexus is the do-it-all workhorse. If you don’t mind a little extra weight it literally has everything you would need in a tight little package. There is even a Presta core tool for less wasted time on the trail = more riding!

Mountain DA_G Pump ($35)

This dual-action mountain bike pump delivers a lot of air quick, has a great little gauge and is made of aluminum. It’s a little bigger than most, but if you have the room it’s nice to use and offer up trailside to earn points with your riding partners who might waste precious riding time with a single action or smaller chambered pump.

SmartGauge D2 Pressure Gauge ($28 on sale!)

This digital tire pressure gauge is a nice addition to your riding bag. Precise inflation with a bleed valve to let air out slowly is what this tool is all about. If you have someone who loves gadgets this is a must.

And for your racer friends, who worry about extra weight, here are some other great ideas.

EVOC Race Belt ($36-$45)

This super-micro lumbar pack allows you to carry the essentials if sporting a no-pocket jersey. The stretchy velcro belt fits snug but still allows for belly breathing when the going gets tough. There are side zips to keep keys from bouncing out and you really can’t tell you are wearing it.

Tubolito UltraLight Spare Tube ($38)

This Tubolito falls under the category, for the rider who has everything.  This cool recyclable and lightweight tube is ridiculously small and easy to carry.  It is repairable with its own repair kit and did I mention it is light!

We hope you found some great ideas in this list of cool gear for mountain bikers. If not check out our other gift guide here: 2019 Holiday Gift Guide 1: Focus on the Person and their Experiences or Holiday Gift Guide: Products to Amplify their Experiences. Stay tuned for a more in-depth review of some of the products coming up really soon.



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