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The Next Chapter – Sustainability in Mountain Biking

How can we enable our trails, bodies and bikes to keep the joy cranking? The next chapter of Crankjoy reflects this passion to sustain the mountain bike lifestyle as long as possible.  

Our vision is the sustainability of mountain biking — including the future of trails, gear, and body. We’ll discuss sustainability in mountain biking to help strengthen our communities, create better trails, and happier healthier riders.
 What you can expect to see more of
  • Advocacy and how it affects the trails you ride. Do you want more trails? Do you want better-maintained trails? Your voice and actions are what make this happen.
  • Responsible mountain biking practices:
  • Maintaining bike and body for the long haul. How can you take care of your bike so it retains that new bike day feel? How can I recover from rides quicker? What can I do to ride stronger and help prevent injuries?
  • Sustainable product discussion and reviews. We’ll look into products with less environment impact by companies that have a plan to make mountain biking a more sustainable sport.
  • Improving your fitness and skill level. What better way to become a better rider…unless you prefer the crash and burn method?
We hope that together we can fine tune the future sustainability and enjoyment of our time on the trail. Come along for the ride with us!
Do you have any ideas that you’d like to know more about? Please let us know in the comments below.


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