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I hope by now you have a kick ass mountain bike vacation in BC planned this year.  If not, save this page and get on it!  Now let’s talk about a great tool to get your bike where you are going since most likely you will be flying.  Wouldn’t you rather spend a little extra money on a guide or an extra day in the park than give more than double the cash to your airline?  I’d personally rather not have to worry about dragging a bike case through the airport and put the extra cash towards an extra night or two at

Bike Flights has a solution.  All you need to do is borrow a bike case or get a bike box from your local bike shop.  Bike flights tells you how to pack it here:   Next, you’ll  enter all the boxes measurements including the weight to receive a price quote.  This is a very simple and painless process.  For us to ship 2 bikes with wheels in separate boxes (4 boxes total) from NC to TX the total cost was only $145.  Insurance is extra though, each box came with $100 insurance, but if you need more it costs.  For us, $4000 cost an extra $50 – not bad.

Bike Flights does say that the shipping labels may take 15 minutes or so to arrive in your inbox. We experienced a little longer than expected delivery with our shipping label due to our 4 boxes.  The problem for us was thinking that we just added the combined weight of all the boxes vs separately for each box.  An email to Bike Flight support eventually resolved this very promptly.  I’ve used several methods over the years and this is my personal favorite way to make sure my bikes gets to my destination in an affordable, reliable manner without having to worry about dragging my bag through the airport as I’m sprinting to try to catch a connection.

For more information check out their site:


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