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Chasing Epic Announces 2019 Schedule, Adds Brevard and Sun Valley!

It never too early to start planning your next year’s adventures right?  Good then this Chasing Epic 2019 Schedule is just for you with an impressive lineup of locations!  We hope to see ya in Brevard.

Chasing Epic 2019

If you haven’t noticed already, our 2019 trip schedule is now live on the website!   For next year, we’ve got a slate of seven scheduled trips which include two new destinations (Brevard and Sun Valley) and span the months of April through late October.  If you’re looking at the calendar wondering which trip is right for you, then read on…. below we’ve outlined the highlights of each trip and what you can expect from that destination.

The best part of it all?  If you book between now and the end of the year, you can reserve your spot with a $500 deposit and the balance isn’t due until January 31st, 2019!  Win win!




New to Chasing Epic for 2019, Brevard leads the way with our first scheduled trip in late April.  In our experience, late spring is the best time to ride in Brevard.  The temps are moderate, the chances for rain are minimal, and the crowds haven’t yet arrived for the summer.  If you’re looking for the perfect combination of tech and flow, look no further:  between Pisgah National Forest and Dupont State Forest, Brevard will have you smiling from ear to ear.

The trails in Pisgah will challenge even the best riders with its steep roots and rocks, so make sure you bring your A-game for those days.  When we visit the Dupont side of town we’ll put in bigger miles, but the trails tend to be more flowy and poppy, rather than rooty and technical.  You’ll get a little bit of everything in Brevard; variety is the name of the game.




Ah, Fruita… we love you so.  A sleepy little town on the Western Slope of Colorado, this location comes alive in the spring when the temps warm up and riders start cleaning off their bikes.  To us, Fruita is one of our most “fun” destinations with trails that offer the perfect combination of technical riding, views, and flow.  In terms of technical difficulty, expect to be challenged on trail systems like Kokopelli and the Lunch Loops, but you’ll no doubt leave a better rider than you arrived.

For four days, we’ll hit classic trails like Horsethief Bench, Gunny Loop, Palisade Rim and Zippity Do Dah.  Fruita is the perfect place to focus on biking and not much else: expect to be riding, eating or sleeping just about every hour of the day on this trip!




Our second new destination in 2019, Sun Valley is the definition on backcountry riding.  On our 4-day trips in 2019, expect BIG rides each day that will push you physically, but where you’ll be rewarded with LONG descents and huge views.  Spring in Sun Valley means perfect temps in the mid 70’s, lots of green, and wildflowers everywhere.

As mentioned above, our rides here will be big: on the full days, expect to be on the bike for 5-6 hours while logging 20-25 miles and climbing over 3,000 feet.  Don’t worry though, because the trail system here is perfectly set up for point-to-point rides featuring shuttles, which means most days we’ll get over 5,000 feet descending.  That’s what we’re talking about.




Summer in Crested Butte… when the trails are in perfect condition, the wildflowers are blooming, and there’s always a chance of afternoon storms.  Not to worry though, because our local guides know the weather systems inside and out, and we’ve always got a killer “Plan B” down valley at Hartman Rocks.  The summer riding in Crested Butte is tough to beat- it’s prime-time for HUGE rides that get above treeline, where you can see for miles and the descents are never-ending.

Ask anyone that’s been on our previous summer trips to CB, and they’ll tell you: this place will push you to the limit.  Big rides each day above 9,000 feet are good for the soul, and when you’re suffering as a group it only brings you closer!  But don’t worry, we’ll keep things reasonable and just remember:  the climbing here is ALWAYS worth the descent, where you’ll regularly have 5-6 mile long descents mixed into the ride to keep a smile on your face.




If you want the full rundown on the riding you can expect on this trip, see our description above.  However, the landscape around Crested Butte completely transforms in the fall, where you’ll be riding in golden aspen forests with cool temperatures and the occasional high-peak snowstorm.  Talk about magical.

For our fall Crested Butte trip, expect to ride a different set of trails that take advantage of the huge aspen forests in the area- they’ll blow your mind.  For miles and miles, you’ll be riding on a yellow carpet of aspen leaves (watch out if it rained, they can be slick!) in absolutely perfect conditions.  There’s a reason why the September trip to Crested Butte is always our most popular.




Yep, we’re headed back to Sun Valley in the fall for what promises to be one of our best trips of the year.  Once the temperatures have cooled off, the rain has come back, and the crowds have left, we’ll hit the high-altitude trails for four days of big rides and lots of fun.  As we mentioned above, the days here are going to be BIG with lots of climbing and big miles.  But the descents.  Oh man, the descents.

The riding in Sun Valley tends to be easier technically than our other destinations, so if you’re looking for more fast, flowy trails this is the place for you.  Trail bikes are the weapon of choice in Sun Valley; bikes that you can pump and play with, and are efficient for the long days in the saddle.  We’re looking forward to showing everyone the goods in 2019!




Moab, what more can be said?  There’s a reason the town is the Mecca of mountain biking in the US, if not the world.  With classics like The Whole Enchilada and Captain Ahab, you’ll be pushed beyond your technical limits but at the same time you’ll be begging for more.  Speaking of The Whole Enchilada, fall is the perfect time to ride it with cooler temperatures and the entire thing open from top to bottom: it’s sure to be a LONG day on the bike!

If you’re looking at the Moab trip, you better know one thing: this place will push your technical skills to the max.  The trails are a mix of dirt, sand, and technical rock formations that you’ve never seen before; but don’t worry, we’ll ease you into the riding here and by the fourth day, you’ll be riding stuff you never thought was possible!


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