Crested Butte Ladies Trip with Chasing Epic

Crested Butte Trip for the Women!

New for Chasing Epic in 2018, we’ll be offering a trip in Crested Butte that’s only for women.  We’ve hosted dozens of women on our “regular” trips over the last two years, and we heard your feedback loud and clear…. you wanted your own trip, and we delivered!  From August 9-12th in Crested Butte, CO we are offering our first women-only Chasing Epic trip!

The first question you’re probably asking yourself (in hopes that we answer), is: How is it different than a regular Chasing Epic trip?  To be 100% honest, from the surface this trip isn’t going to seem much different.  You’ll still get four days of riding, you’ll still get everything that’s included with our regular Chasing Epic trips (lodging, meals, bikes, guides, ride nutrition, etc), and you’ll still be beat after four days in Crested Butte.  But we’re adding subtle touches throughout the course of the trip that will cater to the women-only aspect of the group, and it’s going to be a blast:


Crested Butte Trip for the Women


  • First off, each and every ride will have a bit of instruction built in.  There won’t be specific instructional “sessions” before and after each ride- instead, our guides will stop along the ride itself and teach small skills when the opportunity presents itself.  A few examples might include climbing steep switchbacks, descending waterbars, and cornering through tight aspen trees.
  • All women, all the time; this trip will be completely void of any sign of men, anywhere.  Our two awesome guides, Sydney and Janae, will be leading you on rides, hosting you for dinner, and making sure you all have a kick-ass time.
  • After Day Three’s ride, we’ll have an hour-long restorative yoga session, to keep your body moving, recharge your muscles, and make sure you’re ready to knock out the last day of riding on Sunday.


The ride itinerary itself will look strikingly familiar to one of our normal trips- so make sure you’re ready to put in the miles in Crested Butte.  Expect 12-15 miles on the first day (Thursday), along with full days on Friday and Saturday.  Then on the last day, Sunday, you’ll likely be riding another 12+ miles before the trip ends and you have to head back to the real world.  So just like our “regular” Crested Butte trips, we recommend that all of our riders are in great shape and are experienced mountain bikers.  Beginners or lower-level riders will unfortunately not enjoy themselves much on this trip!

Want a more intimate breakdown of a sample itinerary?  Check out our Crested Butte page for a rundown of all four days.



We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to our two guides for the first annual Women Only trip, Janae and Sydney.  If you’ve been on a Crested Butte trip with us in the past, then you’ve seen these two women rip!  Not only do they rip on a mountain bike, but they’re two of the most fun people we’ve ever ridden with, which promises to make for an incredible four days!

Janae Pritchett: Chasing Epic Guide

Janae Pritchett:

Janae is an exuberant teacher and coach, hyper-motivated athlete and the most fun person you can imagine leading you into the mountains.  Achievement is her middle name:  professional athlete, mountain guide, fitness coach, mother of two, Yale University degrees in Geology and Environmental Studies, and mathematics curriculum developer.  In the summers, Janae raced professionally in Xterra triathlons, downhill, cross country, and enduro races, finishing on the podium in almost every race.  In the winters, Janae mixed it up, winning events such as the Grand Traverse and being one of the only athletes to ever place top five in U.S. freeride alpine, telemark, and snowboard events.  Now retired from racing, she shares her passion for the outdoors and adventure through her guide service and mountain biking school in Crested Butte.  Want to do more in the mountains?  Janae is your lady!

Sydney Dickinson: Chasing Epic Guide

Sydney Dickinson:

Come explore the mountains with one of Colorado’s most versatile, inspiring, talented, and fun female guides.  As Crested Butte locals describe her, Sydney Dickinson is a “legend in the making.”  After earning her BS in Health and Exercise Science, Sydney moved to Crested Butte with her husband, Rob.  Since then, she has proved to be a formidable athlete, taking every sport she does by storm:  whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, telemark skiing, and alpine skiing.  She holds national titles for U.S. Freeskiing events and Telemark Extreme Championships and too many mountain bike and skiing podium finishes to count.  A talented coach and guide, Sydney provides exceptional, personalized feedback while taking her clients on the unforgettable adventures of a lifetime.  Most of all, she is stoked to share her passion for mountain biking.

If that all sounds like a blast (and of course, it should)…. then grab a few of your friends and book soon!  We’re limiting this trip to the first 12 riders to sign up, and spaces are filling up fast!  See you in August!   BOOK NOW


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