Day 3 – Moab Rocks- Is it over YET?

After two eventful and strenuous days of rocking around Moab, Day 3 started with cool, overcast skies.  Racers were moving a little more slowly getting to the starting line, but seemed anxious to get the day started.

The climb up and over Gemini Bridges was over quick, then it was onto the punchy slick rock.  A faster dirt cruiser and ledgy single track climb took racers to the top of Bull Run.  This is where most of the riders really let it all hangout.  If you have not experienced Moab and ridden this trail yet, it is an absolute must do!  Cruising down on mixed slickrock at times pretty close to the edge offers great views of the snow capped La Sal Mountains and many layers of desert in the distance.

The dreaded sandpit on the way back up and over Gemini Bridges Road tried to grab the riders and suck what energy they had left prior to the finish.  Word had it that there were no fast hardpacked lines down there this year, making the last climb even harder on super spent legs for most racers.

Top three Open Men were consistent with stage two, all within a minute of each other at the end of the day.   Geoff Kabush finished in a time of 2:00 with Justin Lindine in second and Ben Sonntag rounding out the podium and the overall GC for 3 days of hard early season racing.

The open women’s race mixed up a little from yesterday’s stage with Maghalie Rochette in first allowing her to secure the overall GC.  Second place for today’s stage went to fellow Clif rider Lea Davidson, while 3rd was taken by Jena Greaser, putting her in 2nd place overall.  Marlee Dixon moved up to 5th place today, allowing her the final podium spot of third for the overall GC.

The large contingent of 9 Yeti Beti’s that made the trip from Colorado really dominated the Women’s 40+ category with the top 3 places for Wendy Lyall, Amy Thomas and Natalie Raborn.  Their laughter and camaraderie was really inspiring and you could tell they really had fun supporting each other.

Jonathan Davis from Elevated Legs took the win for the day in the men’s 40+ category.  He obviously knows how to recover right and brought his setup of recovery boots for racers to enjoy between stages.  Top 3 in the GC for this group reads: Cary Smith first, Johnathan Davis second and Benjamin Jones third.

In the Men’s 50+ category things shook up a little bit on the day with a surprise attack from Mike Driver for second.  In the GC Charlie Hayes held on for first, Mark Wallace for second and David Donatoni in for third, despite dropping to 5th for the stage.

Moab Rocks moving from Fall to the Spring seems well placed to grow into next season as word gets out about this event.  Not only does the event draw world class talent allowing for an early season training block in beautiful Moab, but offers great racing for all levels of riders to test their skills over a do-able 3-day format. Finishing times for the three days stages ranged from 1 hour and 47 minutes to 4 hours and 46 min on Day 2.  All abilities and levels were challenged this weekend and all had a great time.  Challenge yourself and a group of friends to take on Moab Rocks for next year.  Spring break may never be the same.

overall GC results  

Day 3 results


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