Ergon SM Saddle

Ergon SM Saddle Review – Comfy and Anatomical

Saddles are a very personal touch point and that’s a good thing since some of us have very different shaped buttocks.  The new Ergon SM saddle was designed for those who need or want a relief channel in their saddle.  It’s available in two different widths to match your ass size.  I can’t say I’ve looked for these features in my saddles, but I do spend a lot of time standing since it’s hard to break old singlespeed habits.

There have been all kinds of stories about the importance of relief channels in saddles, but I think some need them more than others.  Ergon says: “The deep channel relieves the perineal area, blood flow and oxygen supply are not restricted – mostly the cause of numbness and other impairments.”  Comfort with the ability to move around on the saddle and remain comfortable is highest on my list.  Being comfortable and anatomical might be a bonus right?

Ergon SM Comp Saddle | $89.95  | S/M (tested) and M/L Widths | 258 grams

Ergon SM Comp SaddleErgon SM Comp Saddle weight

The nose of the saddle is generously wide for grunting up steep climbs in comfort.  Under the buttocks, the SM feels in size very similar to a favorite WTB Volt – possibly even more comfortable.  Width from the small/medium makes getting behind the saddle easy and padding on the back of the saddle looks good for those unplanned crotch slams.


  • Does what it says and relieves pressure
  • The great shape makes it easy to get behind the saddle
  • Padding is very good, firm without being overly firm
  • Reasonable weight especially for a well-padded saddle


  • Your ass may get slightly dirtier from the rectangular brown hole

Crankjoy’s Opinion

I am far from the pickiest with saddles but I stand a lot especially on the steeper climbs where the most pressure is on the penial area.  Initially, I thought that the Ergon SM was comfortable yet didn’t really see the big deal with the relief channel in the saddle.   Then I rode another one of my bikes and immediately noticed the pressure.  It wasn’t awful, but it was there.  For those that are especially sensitive to excess pressure on the crotch, you might give this one a hard look.   I find the Ergon SM among the comfiest saddles I’ve used so the pressures relief from the anatomical channel is a bonus.



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