Copper Club Brewing, Fruita CO

Midday Beer in Fruita

Oh, the people you meet along the way!  Isn’t that what it all about?

During a recent quick trip through Fruita, CO this past week we were lucky enough to be thirsty just at the right time.  Strolling down Aspen Street, we noticed a brew pub we had not yet had the pleasure of visiting.  Even though it was the middle of the day and we hadn’t ridden yet, the place just sucked us in, and I’m glad it did.  The Copper Club Brewing Company is a cool little spot to get your thirst quenched and it just happens to be in an awesome mountain bike town, where the locals are happy to see you. You just know you are in the right place when the tap handles are recycled pedals, cranks and brake levers.

Even better than the great beer was the interesting person behind the bar.  We decided that people need to know a little more about this local gal, who is doing nothing but good for her community and the world.  Not only is Ash Bernal serving delicious beer, she is a genuinely nice person.  She is also building a tiny house, is a climber and rides mountain bikes which makes her Über-cool in my book.  In getting to know her, it turns out we have something in common.  We both want to help with the struggle Nepal faces after last years devastating earthquakes.  After starting up a conversation about the T-Shirt I was wearing, Endure Nepal; a film project I am working on, I found out that Ash was just back from a recent trip this spring to Nepal.  She went there with Positive Movement Films to make a documentary that will encourage people to visit Nepal and stimulate the local tourism economy.   The film she is working on is titled “Nepal Will Rise” and she and her partners hope to have it finished later this year.

Cool interactions and meetings like this on the road make grateful to be able to travel the country, ride bikes, drink beer and work on projects that will make a difference in this world.

Thanks Ash!


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