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My name is Rex- Wrecks when I’m in trouble!

I have a pretty simple life.  I allow two humans to care for me.  Sheryl is an amazing artist and Scot makes my favorite ibis bikes.  Both of my humans are pretty well trained, but it took me 6 years to really get them to listen.  I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve – like, fetching my Mr. Bill doll, spinning around in circles and getting the paper.  I do all of these elaborate things to get Sheryl and Scot to do their one trick of giving me treats.  It’s a lot of work – but they seem to really like it.  It gives them purpose.

I have even taught Sheryl to ride a bike.  Every morning I patiently wait for her to suit herself up.  She takes what seems forever to put on her shoes, helmet, glasses, gloves and an outfit.  Me.  Simple.  Just a harness and I’m ready to go.  I would go without the harness and leash strapped to my human, but I would be worried she’d ride right out in traffic on the way to the park.  It also helps me focus my attention on her and not get distracted by squirrels.  I’m not gonna lie—I completely lose my mind around those little fuckers!

Once we get to the park where the dead people are buried I pretty much go crazy.  Running beside the bike is so liberating and really makes all of my dog-related problems vanish.  I feel so carefree riding.  We ride around in circles,  jumping off rocks, running through the tall grass, sometimes climbing trees.  I like for Sheryl to get plenty of exercise so I really try to wear her out by doing multiple laps.  I love to go fast so she has to really sprint to keep up.   I usually like to bark at her if we get around other people or other dogs so she keeps moving and doesn’t linger.  Then I like to jump in the river for a delicious drink and to get my paws really muddy so it looks like I am wearing black boots.  It gives Sheryl something to do when we get home.


After a few more treats and tricks, I like to sleep the day away in the sun on the deck, or dig in the garden.  Sheryl and Scot work hard during the day to make money to buy me more treats.  If we’re lucky, we get to go on another bike ride, walk or play frisbee.  Thats what life is really about.  Surround yourself with humans you enjoy and live each moment to the fullest, because the past is over and the future may never be.  Us dogs are smart like that.

rex on couch


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