Bug Zapper Blue Ripmo V2

Ibis Updates the Ripmo to V2

Today Ibis announced the update of the Ripmo to Ripmo V2.  If you guessed that it will be able to Rip-mo, you are correct!  The updates help define the Ripley and Ripmo a little more and might make it easier for some to choose between the two.  I love the latest Ripley’s versatility, but this new Ripmo sure would be nice for some of the more gnarly trails.

From Ibis:

It brings all the updates we’ve made to the Ripmo AF to the Ripmo Carbon platform. Slacker, more sensitive small bump, added progression, coil compatibility, and a bump in reach (and stiffness).

Along with this update, the two new colors are Bug Zapper Blue and Star Destroyer Grey. Does the blue remind you of another brand?

Ripmo V2 Star Destroyer Grey
All Imagery by Ian Collins
Ibis Ripmo V2
Ibis’s sleaved internal cable routing makes cable replacement a snap. The small rubber rock shield above the lower link does a nice job of keeping the elemnts out.
Ibis Ripmo V2 Robin
Will Ibis Enduro Team ride a Ripmo V2 or HD5 this year in the Enduro World Series ?
What kind of message might Ibis be trying to send with this new color?

The previous-gen Ripmo was a trail-eating machine that climbed and pedaled better than its competitors due to its lighter weight and excellent DW link suspension. It felt like it just wanted to bowl over anything in its path and at times was a bit scary at how fast it wanted to go.  Honestly, I’m a little surprised to see the Ripmo updated already since the original was so good.  

If the Ibis Ripmo V2 builds on that, it’s going to be a blast on the local rowdy fall line Pisgah terrain.  I can’t wait to throw a leg over it soon! Now when are we going to see a Ripley AF?


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