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Mountain Bike Festivals: More than just Bike Demo’s and Beer!

Mountain bike festivals are more than bike demo’s and beer.  Some don’t even have demos and are instead focused entirely on the community as fundraisers for local trails.  There are festivals for those who want to demo bikes and for those who truly just want to experience new places.  One thing is sure: it’s pretty hard not to have a great time at mountain bike festivals.

Bike Festival Fun


The east coast festivals seem to be dropping like flys with 3 canceling 2020 events in the last couple weeks.  You probably know about the Kingdom trails issues with landowners cutting off their land to mountain bikers that lead to the cancelation of NEMBA Fest.  Dirt Rag magazine just announced that it was closing doors which also included their two Dirt Fests in PA and WV.

Good for us there are other nice options in the same area. For NEMBA Fest options, Outerbike has a Killington, VT stop that should be a great time and provide almost any demo you want.  For the Dirt Fest’s options, there is the Cannan MTB Festival and one of our personal favorites – the Shenandoah Mountain Bike Festival.  The Cannan and Shenandoah Festivals are more about the riding that the product with few vendors and lots of big smiles from some of the best riding on the east coast!

Sedona Mountain Bike Festival is one of our favorites.  The riding, weather and seemingly endless supply of incredible trails and top-notch event are hard to beat. Along with Outerbike Moab, the Sedona event probably has the most vendors and demos.  Hope to see ya there!

For more info on mountain bike festivals check out our festivals page:https://crankjoy.com/mtbikefestivals/


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