Pearl izumi X-Alp Peak Mountain Bike Shoe Review

Pearl izumi X-Alp Peak mountain bike shoes are a great bang for your buck. Priced at $150, these will not break the bank. For those looking for performance and comfort on and off the bike, these lace-up shoes are plenty stiff for pedaling but also nice for hike-a-bike and walking.  The Vibram sticky rubber sole really helps hiking the slick roots and polished rocks here in Pisgah. Nothing fancy to break down on these, these shoes are built to last.


The bonded upper provides plenty of room in the toebox, without feeling like you are wearing flippers. They literally feel like a stiff pair of running shoes. Plenty of arch and heel support prevent the shoe from rubbing during hike-a-bike sections. The laces provide unlimited adjustability and tuck away nicely with the “lace-lock” in the upper tongue so you can keep them out of your drive train.

The lace material itself prevents slippage and I’ve yet to have these come undone unexpectedly. I really like how “tall” the toebox is and never feel like my toes don’t have enough room to wiggle. These shoes should be great for cold weather riding and have plenty of room for a thicker sock if need be.


Pearl izumi gear is built to last and plenty of thought has gone into each shoe’s design and intended wear purpose. The X-Alp Peak is built for anyone who needs a supportive shoe that is comfortable and sure-footed off the bike as well. The Vibram grippy sole has large treads for maximum traction as well as cushioning when you have to clip out.

With a supportive heel cup and 3/4 carbon/nylon shank, the shoe provides plenty of stiffness. The shank does not extend past the ball of the foot, allowing for a more natural gait pattern, and better balance when it really counts like while hopping rocks at a stream crossing.

The laces on these shoes offer a dialed fit without the worry of a “dial” or velcro that can wear out or break unexpectedly on the trail. Ventilation on top of the toe box keep your feet comfy, and still protected from the elements.


The X-Alp Peak scream, “Hey, I’m just about ready for anything.” With a sleek running shoe profile and aggressive treads, these shoes are understated weapons of mass traction. They really give you the confidence to ride more technical trails, knowing you can step off quickly and not slip.  The two-tone design looks great and the perforated toes offer nice aesthetics. We all know if you look good, you ride good, right?

The Pearl izumi X-Alp Peaks come in Women’s (above) and Men’s (below) and run pretty true to size. I wear a size 9 in most shoes and the euro size 40.5 fit’s me perfectly.

Men’s Pearl izumi X-Alp Peak


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