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Product Spotlight: Tailwind Nutrition

If you have trouble balancing out the nutrition of staying hydrated while also taking in enough calories to stay properly fueled, Tailwind Nutrition may be your secret weapon.  What’s different about Tailwind is that it is not only a hydration and electrolyte replacement, it also has the calories/energy needed to keep fueled.

I had the opportunity to sample Tailwind on a few occasions and always remember being very pleased with the taste.  While preparing for a recent bikepacking trip, I decided that Tailwind would be perfect due to its pleasant taste that encourages me to drink and most of all that it combined the hydration, caloric and electrolyte components to simplify what I needed to pack.

I admit rarely using hydration drinks unless it’s really hot, I’m on a BIG ride or racing.   Normally I prefer a simple fueling technique of pre-fueling with real food, energy bars on long rides and gels during races lasting less than 4 hours.  During my multi-day bike packing trip (http://crankjoy.com/bikepacking-just-another-trend-mountain-biking/) I put Tailwind to the test.  The first thing I noticed was the very pleasant flavor I remembered from previous samples.  The flavor is light without being too sweet.  For me, Tailwind has the kind of taste that really motivates me to drink more.

Although I can’t quantify the real world performance results of Tailwind,  the great flavor and the performance works very well for me.  I definitely went a little longer than I should have without eating a few times and didn’t notice any early signs of running out of fuel while using Tailwind.  When there are so many factors going into staying properly fueled, it sure is nice to have one source that helps eliminate the need for others.  If grabbing one fuel source before going out on a monster backcountry ride, it’s easy for me to say this would be it.

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