What is the riding like in Western North Carolina?

We have recently relocated to Western North Carolina!  I don’t know what’s the matter with people, but most folks think the east coast riding scene is sub-par to any of the big mountain riding in the west.  They worry about the rain,  humidity, multitudes of people; believe me, we have heard it all.  True people talk a little funny here for me, a Canadian from Toronto.  But, I really like the green, mossy forests and great riding community here in western NC!  It’s true the 828- is GREAT!

Here is a little proof with a video from a recent visit from a  friend of mine (fellow Canadian) Shandra Lee.   Shandra encompasses everything that we stand for here at Crankjoy.com.  In the next few months, Shandra will travel to South Africa, Bellingham and Squamish!  Let’s just say that she’s a slave to adventure and is down for just about anything! (Easy boys!)

Thanks to Tom Place for getting her to come out here for a quick weekend trip, it was super fun and I’m sure we will do it again really, really soon.

You can join us too!

Visit our facebook events page and sign up to come ride with us and camp for FREE at the Davidson River Campground. Our friends at Red Wolf Mountain Bike Tours will be with us to make sure everyone has a great time!


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  1. david cook

    Welcome to the best mountain bike riding in the country.

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