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Seat of the Shorts Review: Fox Factory Float DPS EVOL Shock

I’ve been riding a IBIS HD3 for about a month now with the new FOX DPS EVOL shock.  In addition, I’ve enjoyed a quite a few rides on 2016 bikes that upgraded to the DPS EVOL from the standard Fox CTD.  Every bike I’ve ridden with this new shock has felt much improved over older CTD shocks.  In fact, some bikes I didn’t really like that much last year, are now among my favorites with this shock upgrade for 2016.

What is a DPS EVOL?  DPS stands for dual piston system which basically gives more adjustment range from the 3 damper positions.  The EVOL air can increases the negative air volume which gives a more linear feel.

The shock does an excellent job of muting the small bumps while also feeling more linear and bottomless.  I’ve now ridden the HD3 with a few different shocks from other brands and without a doubt the DPS EVOL has been my favorite.   Not only does the shock have better bump sensitivity throughout its range, it still feels efficient.

I only feel the need to firm up the rear suspension to the medium or firm positions when on long, steep or out of the saddle climbs.  You also have the ability to chose one of three compression settings (under the remote lever) to fine tune the feel in the open mode to further tune the rear shock on the fly – well, you may want to stop for this.

I can’t think of a single thing to complain about with this shock.  As I’ve started riding the new 2016 bikes recently, I can’t help notice the companies that I feel missed the boat and spec’ed older FOX CTD shocks.



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  1. Tim Racette

    I just put this shock on my Yeti 575, replacing the old Fox CTD. This shock dramatically improved the feel, especially when in trail mode. I used to get no mid range support, blowing through all the travel on each bump, the DPS has a very stable feel when ripping the trails. Super impressed!

    1. Chad Davis

      Glad you approve Tim!

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