Building a Sustainable Mountain Biking Body

What is a sustainable mountain biking body and how do you get one? Follow along with our Doctor of Physical Therapy co-founder and Coach Tricia Davis

This section of is DEDICATED to giving you all the goods on how to be strong, fit, fast, flexible, balanced, coordinated, confident, resilient, committed, inspired, motivated and ABLE to ride for life. 

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Group ride in La Sals, UT


Stay healthy, fit, fast, strong, flexible, pain-free and un-injured to enjoy more big riding days like these.

Chicken Line in Squamish


Have the skills, confidence, focus and concentration required to bypass the Chicken Lines.

Crankjoy in Pisgah


Stay committed, inspired, motivated and relentless to continue when things get hard.

Disclaimer: Crankjoy is not responsible for any harm you may experience following the advice listed above, please use common sense. When in Doubt – Go For It! Consult with your doctor about Crankjoy and quickly get out of their office and go ride more. Make sure you are in reasonable shape to ride and follow some of the fantastic tips above to become more sustainable and ride for life. You may experience the following side effects: increased strength, flexibility, more stamina, more stoke/flow, improved adventures and definitely more CrankJOY! 


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  1. hellen

    I love cycling too, but usally I do road cycling.

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