BC Bike Race

TEN: The BC Bike Race Movie

The BC Bike Race is easily one of our favorite all-time experiences on a mountain bike.  If you haven’t done the event yet, JUST DO IT!   We knew how cool the race looked and certainly knew how incredible the trails are after living in North Vancouver, yet the entry fee deterred us.  We finally moved past that and joined in on the fun and COULD NOT believe the level of the event.  It’s easily some of the best money we’ve spent.

Don’t just take my word though.  Grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage to enjoy 30+ minutes of a week at the BC Bike Race.



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  1. Zach Latimer

    Hey Chad,

    This is a great page! Miss riding/racing with you!

    Zach Latimer

    1. Chad Davis

      Thanks Zach, hopefully we get to ride together again soon!

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