Crankjoy, Interbike 2015

Why we don’t love to hate Interbike

We don’t just love Interbike, we even love Interbike in Vegas!  Don’t like the smoky casinos, bars, buffet or strip clubs?  Well stay your ass out of them. Vegas never ceases to amaze me.  It’s ridiculously weird and for 4~5 days once a year it’s something I have looked forward to for over a decade of loving bikes and being privileged to attend.

The first year I attended Interbike, I was psyched beyond belief the first time I had the opportunity to ride all the new bikes at the dirt demo and learn first hand about all the technology and design, usually from the guys that designed or engineered it. When the show doors opened I couldn’t believe how overwhelmed I was with all the new shit in there. I was like a deer in the headlights.  All the bikes, tires, wheels and shiny pieces everywhere.  Which way do I go first?

The personal connections made during the show are also an important aspect for me. Nothing beats face to face meetings over coffee, food, beer or a lap dance.  Some folks I’ve met and known from Interbike 14 years ago are still close personal friends. It’s a small world and it seems that bike folk run in small circles, popping up here and there, working for different companies or even starting their own!   When there are that many bike people in one place magical shit happens, friendships are formed, relationships cemented, and ideas take flight.

Interbike is imminent, and for some inconveniently unavailable. We plan on giving you, our readers, plenty to dream about for the upcoming season. Stay tuned throughout the week to see all that we find that is  exciting! Tough but somebody has to do it.


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