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Women’s Nepal Adventure Partners with Rocky Mountain Bicycles

Endure Nepal Film is a documentary that will chronicle 5 amazing lady shredders bike packing to the remote village of Langtang in Nepal. Once they arrive they will build special high altitude greenhouses to aid in reviving this once vibrant region. The Langtang Valley was one of the hardest hit areas by the earthquakes and landslides that destroyed the area this past spring. Rebuilding has begun in this region and the teahouses and trekking routes are beginning to bring life back to this devastated and beautiful area.

Endure Nepal is an important project worth backing.  That’s what Rocky Mountain Bicycles thinks!  Women, bikes, adventure, greenhouses, rebuilding, endurance; this film promises to have it all.


Filming will begin in March 2016 and will be a visually stunning, epic adventure for this group of women.  The planned route will take them 100 miles, from Katmandu to Langtang.  They will gain 23,437 ft in elevation during the journey.  After the greenhouses are built, seeds planted and villagers trained by Agro-Seeds of Life the ladies will turn around and ride back to Katmandu, where their journey began.

The Rocky Mountain Sherpa is the perfect bicycle for Endure Nepal’s Film, a match made in heaven really.  The Sherpa is a bike that will not only allow the ladies to tackle the long and difficult journey, but allow for an ample amount of fun to shred on the high-volume 27.5″ plus tires.  The Sherpa will give them confidence to tackle any terrain while cleverly carrying all that they will need for the planned journey.

“We are very excited to be riding the Rocky Mountain Sherpa in Nepal. Rocky Mountain has shown so much enthusiasm for our project and the bike will be perfect for the riding we will be doing.  Our ride will no doubt contain unexpected adventure, but armed with the Sherpa, we are confident we can handle anything that is thrown at us.” – Julie Cornelius, Endure Nepal Film

Rocky Mountain Bicycles Sherpa

Rocky Mountain Bicycles has teamed up to provide Gold Level Support for the project and is providing each of the ladies with Sherpa bikes for this journey.

“We are really excited that sponsors like Rocky Mountain Bicycles are just as passionate about our mission as we are. Not only do they want to help Nepal, but they also want to support a project that will hopefully help to inspire more women to get involved in mountain biking and outdoor adventures. ” – Julie Cornelius, Endure Nepal Film
This project has so many facets, but the most important part is to help Nepal, to showcase the country, and to inspire others to visit.
We here at Crankjoy are pleased to announce that we are also supporting the team.
Other sponsors include:
If you would like to help out with this amazing project you can visit: www.endurenepalfilm.com for all of the details.


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